D-Day Dice

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D-Day Dice

Normandía, 6 de junio de 1944. Según tocas tierra en las bien defendidas playas, compruebas con horror como un nido de ametralladora alemán acaba con tus compañeros como si fueran moscas. ¡Tienes que hacer algo! En D-Day Dice los jugadores son los soldados aliados que tratan de organizar e improvisar un ataque contra un nido de ametralladoras. 2 edición en español por MALDITO GAMES.

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Game description

Normandy, June 6th, 1944 – as you land on the well-defended beaches, a German machine gun nest is killing your comrades like flies. You must do something!

In D-Day Dice, players are Allied soldiers trying to organize improvised units for an attack against the machine gun nest. Each player starts the game with a unit of a few soldiers and nothing else. As the game progresses, he will collect resources and advance on the beach, sector by sector, as his unit grows stronger and deadlier. He will succeed...or die trying.

D-Day Dice is a multiplayer co-op game, where all players play their turn simultaneously and must help each other in order to stay alive. It also includes solitaire optional rules. Although built around dice rolling, this game is about resource management (soldiers, specialists, items and courage) and knowing when to move your unit. Resources are kept from turn to turn, so the players can plan ahead.


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Players: 1-4

Playing time: 45 min.

Language: English

Language dependence: HIGH