Corunea Starter Pack 3 Shade & Elementalist

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Corunea Starter Pack 3 Shade & Elementalist

Each of those packs enables you to start playing Corunea RCG. You will get all the cards you need to taste 2 very different classes.

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Game description

Each of those packs enables you to start playing Corunea RCG. You will get all the cards you need to taste 2 very different classes. Image : Starter Pack 1 : Defender & Warden: * 71 Corunea Cards * 14 Shade Cards (Lassa) * 14 Elementalist Cards (Farakan) * 2 Grand Arena of Jyel Cards (Duel Arena) * 1 Initiative Card * 2 Rules Summaries Cards * 38 Random Cards * 1 Rule Booklet * English & French * 140 color pages

It is possible to start playing the game with only 1 starter pack for 2 players, but you will then need a minimum of 4 additional booster to have enough cards to build 2 decks.


A century ago the mighty Corunean Empire collapsed only leaving its name to the lands of Corunea. The forces of Chaos and those of the Elementals, no longer ruled over by the Empire's law, returned to their struggle. For the same reason, the forces of the Fallen began to move again, gathering the renewed opposition of the Wild. 
Heralds against Agents, Followers against Keepers, they stride the ruined remains of the Empire, uncharted lands falling to abandon and wilderness. 
Will Chaos prevail and the world scatter in pieces or will the Elementals rise to such power that it will be forced to immobility? 
Will the shadowy moves of the Fallen lead to their corruptive reign or will the forces of the Wild put an end to their defiling? 
Will the swords and shields be of greater magnitude than the arrows and spells in the struggles to come? 
The answers depend on you...Because it is in those savage lands that Corunea Role Card Game takes place.

Vast and Rich: * . 6 different classes contained in the Starter Packs (70+ cards) * . Complete adventures contained in the Adventure Packs (60+ cards) * . Additional equipment cards in the Booster Packs (10 cards) * . Ever changing games, even playing the same adventure

Easy to play * . Rules based on simple key-words * . No card's exceptions to the rules * . No language barriers, worldwide community * . Minimum clutter, quick setup, immediate ordering

Original * . Takes place in the lands, full of history, of Corunea * . Sought illustrations depicting a coherent world * . Embody a Sinkin, a Meern, or even a Sarkan * . The Faharn allowing to inflect a dice roll

Affordable * . No rare cards, easy to complete by purchase and/or trade * . No duplicate cards in a Deck, no arms races * . A single Adventure Pack is enough for 2 to 4 players * . A single Starter Pack is enough to discover 2 of the 6 classes