-For those orders with Delivery Adress in Spain, Portugal or Andorra we have available the payments below.

-For those ones with international Delivery Adresses (different from Spain, Portugal or Andorra please read International customers

1-Bank transfer:  In case you choose this payment method, during the ordering process we will give you the choice of several bank accounts to pay, so you can choose the most convenient for you. Anyway you have the available ones just below. Please, in the text of the bank transfer put your user name or the order number to help us to speed up the process.

-If you are from Portugal you have the following bank account to do the payment:

Banco Espirito Santo: IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0074 6888 4582 3

-If you are from Spain or Andorra you have the following bank account to do the payment:

BBK ES31 2095 0350 4091 0849 7276 -SWIFT: BASKES2BXXX

Take in care that a bank transfer between two different banks will take at least 48 hours, please be patient and just in the moment we have available the confirmation of the payment we will ship the goods.

2-Credit Card: You can safely pay with your credit card through the REDSYS secure Server . The following cards are accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD and EURO6000. Your card data will travel safely encrypted directly to REDSYS, so JUEGOS PLANETON GAMES S.L. will not have any idea about the card data. JUEGOS PLANETON GAMES S.L. uses a Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL).

During the purchasing process, after choosing Credit Card payment option the purchasing process will be redirected to REDSYS server to do the payment. Please be patient and follow up the instructions in your display, if you cancel or interrupt the payment process before the transaction is done take in care that the purchasing order might not be processed. REDSYS server will ask you for your credit cart number, caducity date and CVV2/CVC2 code (it´s in the back of your credit card). Once you have finished the payment process you will see a confirmation message in your browser.

3-Paypal:  You need a paypal account to use this service, you can create one or read more information here: Paypal info.

All the orders paid using paypal will be charge with an extra 3,5% + 0.35 EUR