ASL Journal 13

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ASL Journal 13

ASL Journal 13 is a 52-page magazine for Advanced Squad Leader and features articles, the latest errata and scenario updates in the Debriefing, 33 new scenarios printed on cardstock (including four “pocket” scenarios, with the map board included on the card), ASL board 77, and overlay X20 (to replace the version that came in the ASL Overlay Bundle).

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Game description

ASL Journal 13 articles include:

Hatten In Flames: CG I Impressions wherein Gary Bartlett & Mike McGrath discuss approaches both German and American players might take in tackling this Campaign Game.
In (Not So) Free Parking, Phil Palmer uncovers some facts about Hull Down positions and how valuable they may actually be to your AFV.
Advanced Nuggets 2 finds Paul Sidhu & Rich Spilky illuminating even more obscure and easily overlooked rules.
Radio Contact Essentials offers a primer by Rich Spilky on the basics of this critical element of ASL OBA.
Second Impressions finds Rich Spilky musing on OBA draw pile probabilities in this extension of Robert Medrow's essential article in THE GENERAL (and ASL CLASSIC) on OBA in ASL and providing a basis for the “Pleva variant” for OBA chit draws.
Alternative OBA Systems by Jim Bishop explores additional chit replacement methods in this follow-up to Rich's draw pile article.
Ken Dunn gives us a Preview of the Drop Zone: Sainte-Mére-Èglise Historical ASL module.
Forgotten War Designer's Notes author Kenneth P. Katz was a key contributor to the creation and evolution of transitioning ASL to the Korean War, and herein offers insight into that process.
A Tale of Two Scenarios is John Slotwinski’s analysis of the original and updated versions of the YANKS scenario The Mad Minute, revered for its fun factor but notoriously unbalanced.
Per Mare Per Terram is Andrew H. Hershey's follow-up to Ghost Killers from ASL Journal 12 and covers the history of 41 (Independent) Commando of the Royal Marines in the Korean War.
The Debriefing offers this issue's errata updates.
ASL Journal 13 has 33 ASL scenarios:

J194 A Real War (Japanese vs Chinese, 20 August 1937)
J195 Such Faith (Albanian vs Italian, 7 April 1939)
J196 Blood Amongst the Pines (Russian vs Finnish, 24 February 1940)
J197 Death on The French Coast (French vs German, 24 May 1940)
J198 The Valley of Glory (German vs Russian, 8 July 1941)
J199 Too Rapid an Advance (German vs Russian, 8 September 1941)
J200 One Story Town (Russian vs Finnish, 30 September 1941)
J201 Careless at Bakri (Commonwealth vs Japanese, 18 January 1942)
J202 Down by The River (Russian vs German, 20 April 1942)
J203 Death at The Cement Plant (Russian vs German, 11 September 1942)
J204 Raff's Army (American vs Italian, 23 November 1942)
J205 Goats To Lure The Tiger (Free French vs Axis, 30 January 1943)
J206 Collect Call (Axis vs Partisan, 25 May 1944)
J207 Unhorsed (German vs American, 7 July 1944)
J208 Panzerpioniere! (Americans vs Germans, 10 August 1944)
J209 Corking the Chambois Bottle (Allied vs German, 20 August 1944)
J210 Moment of Truth (Slovak vs German, 20 September 1944)
J211 Breakthrough in The Arctic (German vs Russian, 25 October 1944)
J212 Shoulder to Shoulder (American vs German, 19 December 1944)
J213 A Fluid Situation (Russian vs German, 4 March 1945)
J214 Raff's Orders (German vs American, 24 March 1945)
J215 Expendable Allies (Pole vs German, 26 April 1945)
J216 First Action at Jinju (South Korean vs Communist Guerilla, 27 October 1949)
J217 Dead Battery (UN vs North Korean, 14 July 1950)
J218 A Promotion Fight (South Korean vs North Korean, 3 August 1950)
J219 Back in the Saddle (North Korean vs American, 10 August 1950)
J220 Battle of The Barricades (North Korean vs American, 26 September 1950)
J221 Hill 1277 (Communist Chinese vs British, 29 November 1950)
J222 Den Ouden Holds the Line (OUNC vs Communist Chinese, 12 February 1951)
PK1 Down Number Two Road (Japanese vs American, 19 March 1944)
PK2 Reckless Raid (Romanian vs German, 24 August 1944)
PK3 Hot Toddy (Allied vs German, 5 October 1944)
PK4 Forest Brothers (Partisan vs Russian, 17 May 1945)


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