Eastfront 2nd Edition

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Eastfront 2nd Edition

Victory in Europe is a game covering the Second World War in Europe from 1939 to 1945. One player commands the Axis powers, the other the Allies. Players maneuver their armies on an area map of Europe, fighting for control of key victory cities and critical resources. Air, naval, and ground units are all involved. Battles are fought when enemy units clash in the same area.

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Descripción del juego

Eastfront II is a update to the classic EastFront. It details the conflict between Germany and the Soviet Union during WWII. Players have to contend with production, supply, command control and weather to try and break the other side's lines. Individual, linkable 6-month scenarios cover the war from June 1941 through May 1945.

This title uses Columbia Games Block system, wooden blocks that stand upright with unit details only shown on one side, and rotate to take step reductions in strength. This provides a "fog of war."

EastFront II is part of a re-release of the entire EuroFront series; the new series consists of EastFront II, WestFront II: The War in Europe 1943-45, and EuroFront: The War in Europe, 1936-45 – Second Edition.

EastFront II includes two maps: each 22" x 34" for a 44" x 34" playing area. The map area includes the Trans-Volga area, the Balkans, and Baku and Finland. All of the original EastFront scenarios are included and the larger playing area improves them.