Spielbox Nº 4 - 2011 ( English )

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Spielbox Nº 4 - 2011 ( English )

Llega a nuestro stock el nº 4 del año 2011 de la revista SPIELBOX en inglés.

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Descripción del juego

Llega a nuestro stock el nº 4 del año 2011 de la revista SPIELBOX en inglés.

Spielbox es la revista de juegos más importante del mundo, el contenido de este nº 4 del año 2011 es (en inglés):

Contents of issue 4/2011:


Red and Gray in a Double Pack:
Spiel/Kennerspiel des Jahres 2011

The Belgians with the Sombreros:
Repos Production
An Explorer on the Fair Ground:
Oliver Igelhaut

You Can Never Step Into the Same Game Fair Twice
Origins XXXVII, 2011
The Academic Way to Play
Board Game Studies

Pure Joy of Thinking
Lucy's Pit(hy) Games:
Mancala Games

A Look Back
The Dream Team Came to Nothing

To Be Continued
7 Wonders: Leaders

Proper Planning is the Key: Strasbourg
Check it out! Blockers!
No Cuddling, Please!: Lancaster
Making Use of Remainders: Rummelplatz
Recharge the Spiritual Batteries: Luna
Time for Cleaing the Vegetables: Bangkok Klongs
Wanna Buy a Watch? Freeze
A Game That Feels Right: Rallyman
A Tourism Industry Simulation Game: Sun, Sea & Sand
Rather a Game for 3: Era of Inventions
Reinventing the Wheel? Baltimore & Ohio
Beginners' Version: Sail not Rail: Poseidon

For Kids
1000 und ein Schatz
Zwerg Riese
Der Formen-Kobold
Zicke Zacke
Das große Tier-Rätsel

At A Glance

Tweaks and Variations
Era of Inventions: Actions not only according to turn order
Era of Inventions: Less frustrations thanks to more bonues tokens

Short notes

Pimp Our Meeples: 130 stickers to Carcassonne
Lupus in Tabula: Additional card

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