Spielbox Nº 4 ( English )

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Spielbox Nº 4 ( English )

Llega a nuestro stock el nº 4 de la revista SPIELBOX en inglés.

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Descripción del juego

Llega a nuestro stock el nº 4 de la revista SPIELBOX en inglés.

El contenido de este nº 4 es (en inglés):


First, the fog needs to cleag: Titania
Thrifty in Scotland: Glen More
From Pony Tending to the Betting Office: Kopf an Kopf
Lying in wait in front of the finishing line: Velo City
So Comrades, Come Rally: Revolution
Not to be taken too seriously: Identik
Not a Matter of Love But Marriages Abound: Samarkand
Now We All Can be Stefan: Schlag den Raab
Pedestrian to the point of pain: Workshop of the World
Constand Stepping on Other Players' Toes: Tammany Hall
In High-Heels Through Chos: Asteroyds
Halfhearted: Claustrophobia

An American in Marburg: Bruce Allen
The LudoArtist: Frank Czarnetzki

No Competition, But an Alternative: UK Games Expo 2010 in Birmingham
Life Punishes Those Who Come too Soon: Spiel des Jahres 2010

Particle Accelerators: Pures Denkvergnügen
Monstrously Many Monsters: Oldie: Verlies

Edition spielbox
A la carte-Erweiterung: Die Beilage (side dish) (by Heidelberger)

A Look Back
As wide as the Sea: Seafaring games

Based on the Materials: Harald Mücke

For Kids
Schatz der Kobolde
Vampire der Nacht
Kleine Magier
Panic Tower
Mein Mäuschen-Farbspiel

At A Glance
Basket Boss
11 nimmt!
20.000 Meilen unter dem Meer

Tweaks and Variations: Velo City

  • Lenguaje: Inglés