Spielbox Nº 2 - 2013 ( English )

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Spielbox Nº 2 - 2013 ( English )

Llega a nuestro stock el nº 2 del año 2013 de la revista SPIELBOX en inglés.

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Descripción del juego

Llega a nuestro stock el nº 2 del año 2013 de la revista SPIELBOX en inglés.

Spielbox es la revista de juegos más importante del mundo, el contenido de este nº 2 del año 2013 es (en inglés):

Figurines Rake in the Money

Dry and High-proof: Bora Bora
The Old Man's Gotta Go! Il Vecchio
Gems for Getaway: Escape
More Is Not Always Better: Yedo
Almost Over When the Strategy Unfolds: Emiment Domain
No Coal, No Dough: Ruhrschifffahrt
You Will Not Shut Me Up! Goblins, inc.
Building Cities Via Drafting Cards: Ginkgopolis
Building Cities Via Drafting Tiles: City Tycoon
Quarriors for Hobbits: The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game
Yahtzee for Heroes: D-Day Dice

The Idea of Returning to the Faroes: Iraklis Grous
Focus on the Creative Work: Uli Blennemann
With Transparency to Funding: Daniel Danzer

Keep Playing!
Please Listen! Following rules explanations

To be Continued
Escape: Illusions

Driven by a Marketing Idea: The Story of the Catan-Mobil

Pure Joy of Thinking
Removal Required Piece-Picking Games

Game Design in a Tourist's Paradise: Gil d'Orey and MESAboardgames

spielbox Edition
Mini-Expansion Oracle for Power Grid - The First Sparks (2F-Spiele)
Czech rules (translated by Václav Pražák)

Risk and Rewards: Crowd funding experiences

For Kids
Ringo Flamingo
Vincelot - Angriff auf die Burg
Burg Klettermax

At A Glance
Just in Time

Medieval Construction Site: Caylus

Tweaks and Variations:
Myrmes: Bidding for the better tunnel exit
The Palaces of Carrara: Simplified rotation and a different end
Dragons: Targeted drawing of Action cards

Short notes