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Air & Armor: Wurzburg, Tactical Armored Warfare in Europe, Designer Signature Edition marks the return of one of the most realistic wargames on modern warfare ever published. Air & Armor is a grand tactical simulation of a hypothetical Soviet attack on West Germany in the mid-1980s. It depicts the collision of the Soviet 8th Guards Army with elements of the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division and the West German 12th Panzer Division in ferocious battles around the German city of Würzburg. This new edition is lovingly recreated with an updated order of battle, new map artwork, new unit counters, revised rules, and new scenarios.

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Descripción del juego

Air & Armor employs a highly interactive game system with asymmetric rules modeling the different command & control capabilities of each alliance. The game simulates all major aspects of modern warfare, including reconnaissance, combined arms operations, air, helicopter, and artillery strikes, chemical and electronic warfare, and combat engineering. Multiple levels of hidden intelligence produce a true “fog of war” providing plenty of opportunities for deception, surprise, traps, and ambushes. Play this game to experience what it would have been like to command a division in battle if the Cold War had gone hot.

Air & Armor features twelve different scenarios, each a complete game by itself. Each scenario covers a different battlefield operation, including a meeting engagement, a delaying action, a frontal assault, an attack on a fortified line, an attack on a flank, a major river crossing operation, a NATO counterattack, an envelopment operation, and a breakout from a pocket. Extensive Scenario, Player, and Designer Notes provide advice on play and historical detail.

Air & Armor is ideal for solitaire play. The hidden intelligence system provides a high level of tension during solitaire play because, even though a solo player is commanding both sides, he never knows what he will hit when he conducts an operation.

Product Information:
Complexity: High
Time Scale: 1 Turn = 2 Hours
Map Scale: 1 Mile/Hex
Unit Scale: Companies to Regiments
Solitaire Suitability: High

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  • Players: 1-7
  • Playing time: 720 min.
  • Language: INGLÉS
  • Age: 14+

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