Vae Victis 155 1914 : fureur à l'Est

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VaeVictis 155 1914 : fureur à l'Est

Vae Victis magazine is in French, but in each number you can find a whole wargame language independant with the English rules available from VAE VICTIS web site. VaeVictis 155 Special Issue including wargame "1914 : fureur à l'Est" with die-cut counters.

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Wargame 1914: Fury in the East

1914: Fury in the East is a game simulating the first five months of the Great War in the East. It opposes the Russian armies to the Austro-German forces. From the invasion of East Prussia and Galicia in mid-August to the fighting in Lodz in December, including the battles of Tannenberg, the Masurian lakes and the Vistula.
The units represent army corps or HQs and the simulation emphasizes planning, lethality of combat and management of reinforcements.

    Difficulty : 6 / 10
    Solo-playability : 7 / 10
    One turn : 15 days
    Scale : a hexagon = 50 km