Vae Victis 128 Montenotte 1796

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VaeVictis 128 Montenotte 1796

Vae Victis magazine is in French, but in each number you can find a whole wargame language independant with the English rules available from VAE VICTIS web site. VaeVictis 128. Special Issue including Montenotte 1796, wargame with die-cut counters.

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La campagne de Montenotte 1796

The game with die-cut counters

Montenotte 1796 is the first game of a new series on revolutionary and napoleonic campaigns : La Grande Tactique.
Units are divisions and brigades, a force point equals 1000 infantrymen or 500 cavalrymen. A hex is around 6 km (3,7 miles) and a turn is a day.
Units are hidden from the ennemy (on their back side) to preserve the fog of war. Acivation of formations is determined randomly but the initiative player gets a special advantage. Battles are resolved on the map and include tactical advantages and disdvantages, units can march tot the sound of the gun.

Command, morale and fatigue rules complete a medium complexity system.

Who will win the battle of Montenotte with La Grande Tactique,Bonaparte or Argenteau ?


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