C3i Magazine 31

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C3i Magazine 31

In each C3i Issue, you will find articles, scenarios and contents for the GMT games. In this issue, one full game with die cut counters included !

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Descripción del juego

RBM’s C3i Magazine – 25th Anniversary by Rodger B. MacGowan

Disaster at D-Day – New Scenario for Normandy’44 by Trevor Bender

The Battle of Wakefield, 1460 – Historical Background by Ralph Shelton

Weaponry in Arquebus – Men of Iron by Richard H. Berg

Overview & Tactical Tips for Clash of Giants Civil War by Steve Carey

West Point’s Wargame Club by by Captain Garrett Gatzemeyer

Clio’s Corner #8: Alexander Hamilton Designs Pericles by Mark Herman

C3i Interview – Mark Herman by Sam Sheikh

Fire & Movement – After Four Decades of Hindsight by Richard DeBaun

All Bridges Burning, Finland 1917-18 – COIN Series Preview by VPJ Arponen

History of the Down in Flames Series – by Michael Lemick

Operation Daunting? – Battle Report – Mark Kaczmarek

Liberty or Death – The History Behind the Counters by Trevor Bender

Game Errata – South Pacific – C3i Magazine Nr30 by Francisco Colmenares

Alexander Battle Module: Battle of Corupedium, 281 BC by Daniel A. Fournie

Designing Hitler’s Reich by Mark G. McLaughlin, Fred Schachter & Vez Arponen

Unconditional Surrender – Policy Markers Track by Salvatore Vasta

COIN Player Aid – How to Play 4-Faction Coin System by Brian Train

MacGowan & Lombardy’s The Great War Card Game by Dana Lombardy


    Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr31 – Index of this issue’s die-cut counters

    The Battle of Wakefield, 1460 – Complete RBM Studio Game – by Ralph Shelton

Rulebook, Game Mapsheet, Player Aid Card, Flight Point Track and die-cut Counters

    Labyrinth – Surge 2007 Scenario – 1 Card – by Trevor Bendor
    Ukraine’43 – Player Aid Card – by Carlos Olivares
    Normandy’44: Disaster at D-Day Player Aid Card – by Mark Simonitch
    South Pacific –Terrain Effects Chart from C3i Nr30 – by Mark Simonitch
    History of Wargame Graphic Design – by David Dockter and Rodger B. MacGowan