C3i Magazine 17

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C3i Magazine 17

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    C3i Magazine 17

    C3i Magazine 17

    C3i Magazine 17

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    Fabricante: GMT GAMES

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    # The Siege of Alesia, 52 BC – GBoH Series, Vol. XI Analysis of the latest volume in the Great Battles of History series with a detailed look at the Gauls' assault on the Roman ramparts. By Steven A. Carey
    # The Sicilian Campaign in the 2nd Punic War, 212-211 BC Two new GBoH scenarios – the Battle of Cape Pachynus for War Galley and the Battle of the Himeras River for SPQR. By Dan Fournie
    # Downtown Alternate Scenario – Linebacker III, 1975 A "What If?" Vietnam War Air Campaign scenario – U.S. fighters & bombers once again take to the sky and go "Downtown" in 1975! By Lee Brimmicombe Wood & Karl Mueller
    # Battle of Cheriton, 1644 – New Battle Module for This Accursed Civil War A new English Civil War battle module by the game's designer with special rules, charts, countersheet, and mapsheet included. By Ben Hull
    # Sweden Fights On – System Analysis of the Musket & Pike Series An After Action Report on the opening phases of the Battle of Jankau in 1645, the Fight for the Mountain Chapel. By Mark Kaczmarek
    # Strategy Concepts in Empire of the Sun Proper strategy in the Campaign Game opening and how this impacts on the middle & late game with practical illustrations and playing tips. By Mark Herman Departments
    # Manifest Destiny Insights and playing tips on how best to play and win the game. By Allen Doum
    # Down in Flames Air Campaign – Air Umbrella Over Dunkirk 1940 air war over the beaches of Dunkirk during the evacuation. By Toby Pilling
    C3i, Nr. 17 Insert Contents:
    * Cheriton battle mapsheet
    * 3 full color sheets of Down in Flames cards
    * 1 B&W sheet for Down in Flames Dunkirk Campaign
    * C3i Nr. 17 Counter Sheet (140 counters)


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    C3i Magazine 17

    C3i Magazine 17

    C3i Magazine 17

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