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Axis Empires Ultimate Edition

If you’re a diehard World War II grognard, then Axis Empires Ultimate Edition (AE) is the game for you. It’s the final evolution of our popular series of strategic games on the global struggles of 1937 to 1945 and beyond.

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Descripción del juego
Inside this box are the newest editions of both Totaler Krieg (TK) and Dai Senso (DS). TK covers the war in Europe, while DS does the same for Asia and the Pacific. Each game is individually playable as a standalone event, or players can combine the two to cover all of World War II. Both TK and DS have been thoroughly updated and playtested for historicity, game balance, and ease of play. The maps, counters, and cards have been given a refreshing makeover to improve the look and feel of the game. Many new counters and 200 cards have been added to allow for more options.
But there’s more! This package also includes Schiffskrieg (SK), the long-awaited air and naval optional expansion for the AE system. For those who want more detail in handling air/naval operations, SK adds individual capital ships (down to the heavy cruiser level) and air wings to sortie and fight with.
Plus there’s Dice of Decision II (DoD), an expanded random campaign generator players can use to create endlessly fascinating alternate-history situations for their AE games. What if Germany had won the Great War? Or the Tsar still ruled over Russia? Or the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty failed to prevent a shipbuilding arms race? Or Japan’s 1931 invasion of Manchuria had unfolded differently? Or an aggressive France had chosen to occupy the Rhineland in 1937? All these possibilities—and many more—await your discovery with DoD.
Further options inside AE include Fortunes of War random event cards, the possibility of a Separate Peace war between the West and Soviet Russia after 1945, new scenarios, and much more. Infinitely replayable, completely expandable, always enjoyable—Axis Empires is the ultimate “desert island” World War II sandbox game you’ve been looking for!

• 4 large map sheets
• 20 map variant overlay sheets
• 2,380 counters
• 3 6-sided dice
• 5 Rules Booklets
• 500 Playing Cards (7 decks)
• 30 Player Aid Sheets
• Storage Bags


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